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Gameday Thread, #133: 8/27 vs. Padres


Randy Johnson
LHP, 10-9, 4.03


Cha Seung Baek
RHP, 4-9, 5.08 preview [opens in new window]

Randy Johnson is on the mound this afternoon, not only to go for win #295 but to stop the bleeding of our starting pitchers. After a tough loss by Haren (and Rauch) and a disappointing start from Webb, Randy absolutely needs to be Good Randy to avoid the sweep. Because, seriously, a sweep by the Padres would not help our street cred, 'yo.

Luckily, we face a pitcher who has lost his last 3 starts by giving up 5, 2, and 5 runs. ... And that's all I know about him, unfortunately. Research on your own, everybody, sorry!

Early start today... let's hope the game and the Gameday Thread can lure some people away from work! On a more serious note, there was an incident last night of impersonation of another member. This behavior is not acceptable, and action will be taken if it happens again. Thanks for your cooperation.

About 20 minutes till we can say.... PLAY BALL!