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Gameday Thread, #132: 8/26 vs. Padres


Brandon Webb
RHP, 19-4, 2.74


Chad Reineke
RHP, 1-1, 4.91 preview [opens in new window]

Welcome to the big leagues, Chad Reineke. Not only is your second-ever appearance against the man who won the 2006 Cy Young, was second last year, and is the favorite this season...but your third appearance sees you facing the same guy. For your next start, I believe the cloning of an entire line-up of Babe Ruths for you to face, should be just about completed. Have fun.

Reineke didn't acquit himself badly last time, with a quality start and three runs over six innings. However, he might as well have been spitting at a supernova, because he was facing Brandon Webb, who delivered seven shutout innings of three-hit ball, on the way to his sixth straight victory. If he makes it seven tonight, he'll become only the second National League pitcher this year to reel off some many W's in a row. The first was also Brandon Webb - nine wins to start the year [as well as two at the end of 2007].

So, I feel pretty confident, as long as a) our offense doesn't totally suck, and b) the bullpen are willing to hold off extending their seven-week losing streak for another game. Neither are, admittedly, certain. I'm at IZW, so will be able to comment during the game, just not watch it. Azreous is on the recap, unless something totally heinous takes place, causing me to forget and write a blistering screed of criticism. Chip Hale, you have been warned. Dodgers have just started playing in Washington, so let's get this up early and hope they continue to suck, every bit as much as they did in Philadelphia.