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Gameday Thread, #131: 8/25 vs. Padres


Dan Haren
RHP, 14-6, 3.12


Jake Peavy
RHP, 9-9, 2.84 preview [opens in new window]

After the slugfest that erupted last time these two met, I'm not going to go out and predict a pitching duel tonight. It will be interesting to see how the two pitchers - and Haren in particular - adjust their game-plan as a result of the encounter. Our man thought that the Padres were going up with the intent of being aggressive early in the count, looking for fastballs, so don't be surprised to see him throw a lot more first-pitch breaking balls. Of course, the hitters could well be looking for those now, so... etc. etc. Such is the joy of baseball! Gravity already posted his preview of the game as a Fanpost, and that pretty much says everything else I need to, so let's turn the mic over to him:

Deja Vu? Perhaps, it has in fact been just one rotation since last these juggernauts of the mount met in a not-so-great pitcher's duel. Danny Haren and Jake Peavy both gave up more runs in their last encounter than either had in a fair amount of time in an absolute surprise. So is it safe to expect the same tonight when the two meet up once more? I doubt it, and you should to. While Dan Haren has certainly seen his share of rocky outings lately, and Peavy has underperformed this season in comparison to his Cy Young Campaign of 07, it would baffle me to see either man pitch as badly as they did in the last encounter.

Tonight's D'Backs/Pads game is the only one in the series we've any reason to fear because of Jake Peavy's ever-intimidating presence but the need to worry is a small one. Peavy has been, in a word, mediocre, in his career against the Snakes. Yes, we all remember the outings where he struck out more batters than Randy Johnson at a little league game, but Peavy has also run into trouble against this team more times than we seem to remember. With Haren sure to bounce back tonight, and the D'Backs itching to hit a little more than they did in last night's embarrassment, I'd be honestly be more shocked if the Padres do win this one. Calling it now, Snakes win 6-2, as long as Brandon Lyon doesn't get too twitchy in the late game. How about a CG, Danny?

Getting this one up early again, since the Dodgers are playing the Philies, in a game that starts just after 4pm. I won't be around for this, as we are having our Monday night comedy show, but I should be watching the game and doing my usual diary-style recap. Probably fortunately, it's going to be our last event, since we've been supplanted by Monday Night Football, freeing me up for the crucial games down the stretch - we have no more Mondays off, the rest of the way...

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