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Gameday Thread, #130: 8/24 vs Marlins


Ricky Nolasco
RHP, 12-7, 3.67


Doug Davis
LHP, 5-7, 4.68 preview [opens in new window]

15 minutes to game time and there's not a gameday thread yet! Oh no, Jim must've been kidnapped!

Hang tight while I get a preview up for today.

[Sorry, went to breakfast and just got back; had to wait longer than we thought... Please continue...]

There. A slightly-tidier Gameday Thread. Thanks to 'charmer for getting one up in the meantime. We had a very relaxed morning: watched some Primeval, a little Penn and Teller, then headed out for breakfast, and didn't realize what time it was till we got back to the car! Sorry for the inconvenience...

DD goes today, and sure we'll be monitoring his back, to see how it feels, with a quick hook if necessary. Nolasco is another one in the Marlins' roster of good young pitchers, and we'll have to see how we do against him. Dodgers are playing later tonight: I'm not expecting to pick up another game today, but let's go one step at a time.