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Gameday Thread, #89: vs. Padres, 7/6

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Josh Banks
RHP, 2-3, 2.89


Randy Johnson
LHP, 4-7, 5.46 preview [opens in new window]

So, we turn to Randy Johnson, looking to avoid the sweep - and with impeccable confidence-boosting timing, the Republic today posts a piece by Paolo Boivin which asks the same question we did after his last start: "How much longer should the left-hander, 44, keep residence in the Diamondbacks' starting rotation?" We certainly could do with him no longer hemorrhaging runs and losses, the way he has, now for almost the past couple of months. But the onus is equally as much on the offense, who have failed to score a single run against a Padres starter in this series to date.

As first floated here last Wednesday, the Diamondback are indeed adjusting their rotation to keep Webb on a five-day cycle. This means he will start the last game before the All-Star break, and also the opening one after the layoff - it does probably also mean that he won't be able to pitch in the game itself. Reports elsewhere suggested that he would be the starter for the National League. Maybe Dan Haren will get to take his place? But I'm thinking Lincecum or Volquez are more likely candidates.

Ok, this is already very late, but since it's Sunday, I'm thinking no-one will notice. Should be about for most of this game, so look forward to seeing you in the comments.