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Gameday Thread, #86: 8/3 vs. Brewers


Manny Parra
LHP, 8-2, 3.95


Brandon Webb
RHP, 12-4, 3.21 preview [opens in new window]

Running a little late with the thread here: I actually remembered it was a day game, but had to go in for my monthly chat with the boss. Survived that, so tossing this up quickly in my morning break. We need a win here, after the total disaster which was last night - Webb takes the mound, and after a couple of shaky outings, returned to normal form last time, with a quality start. However, Parra has an impressive record, and restricted us to one run over seven innings when we faced him in Milwaukee.

The offense has shown some signs of life lately, and has hit .302 in the past five games. However, last night proved that this isn't enough, by and of itself, to guarantee victory - not when defense, base-running and managerial incompetence all weigh down the other side of the scales. It's becoming abundantly clear that the team needs a short, sharp shake-up, and Melvin's team meeting wasn't it. Not much more I can add. Let's get the victory and split the series.