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Gameday Thread, #104: 7/27 vs. Giants

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Randy Johnson
LHP, 7-7, 4.89


Barry Zito
LHP, 5-12, 5.56 preview [opens in new window]

Afternoon, folks. As expected, this thread is getting up there a little later, thanks to a nice, leisurely morning. Mrs. SnakePit is off to the airport to pick up a masked luchador who's appearing at our wrestling show later today - we were speculating on whether he would wear his mask on the plane or not. The legendary Santo only appeared without his mask in public once, a week before his death [though the question does strike me, how would anyone know if he did?], but I imagine that did not take into account TSA airport regulations...

Put together, the starters today have salaries of $29.6 million - almost eight million more than the entire Marlins roster - but a mediocre 12-19 record, and an ERA of 5.22. However, both have shown signs of turning things around lately: in their past three starts, their record is 5-0 and the combined ERA is only 2.89. The D-backs already have the series wrapped up - however, it's only the second time we've reached the final game with even the chance to go for a sweep since May 15 in Colorado. Offense got us the first game; solid pitching and timely hitting the second; while leery of getting over-optimistic, I'm more hopeful of us putting a three-game winning streak together than the last six times where we tried, and failed, to do so. We are playing better, and about time too.

Finally, great tongue-in-cheek quote from Chris Young after the game yesterday:

That was our plan, to go up there and strike out as many times as possible and get his pitch count up and get him out of the game. Obviously, that was my plan.

Brilliant. Should be about early on for this, though we need to head off to The Sets to open the doors for the wrestling, so I'll be evaporating before the end. Here's to me doing so with a comfortable lead.