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Gameday Thread, #103: 7/26 vs. Giants


Brandon Webb
RHP, 13-4, 3.11


Tim Lincecum
RHP, 11-3, 2.79 preview [opens in new window]

This should be a lot of fun - two starting pitchers who will likely receive Cy Young votes at the end of the season, going up against each other. Promises to be a good test of our newly-rediscovered offense, though Lincecum has struggled of late, with only three quality starts in his last six outings. Milwaukee slapped him around pretty well in his last outing, tagging him for five runs, on six hits and four walks, in five innings. Is fatigue setting in? His ERA did go up above four in August and September last year. Webb, for his part, appears to have righted the ship after a rocky period, with three earned runs in his last three starts, covering 21 innings, and is undefeated in his last five outings.

I'll be down at The Sets for our burlesque show [tickets available at the door, he said, in a gratuitous plug!] but hope to be able to take in a good chunk on the TVs there, especially given the early start. I will be laptopped, so comments should be possible, at the very least. Naturally, be keeping an eye on the Nationals-Dodgers game, to see if Washington can do us a favor by beating LA. And I also see that 'Skins anti-Winn campaign has not gone un-noticed...