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SnakePitFest 08 Update

I just sent out the following email to all attendees, but am copying it here, in case anyone didn't get it...

Tickets have arrived. A provisional seat-map has been drawn up, and may be found below:
Rows down the side, seat-numbers across the top. Our block is an irregular diagonal one, which made this...interesting. I've tried to sit people beside people they know, vaguely keep SnakePitters with SnakePitters and DBBP with DBBP, but there are those who frequent both and so on. I dealt as best as possible with seating requests I know about, but let me know any others.

Now, the important bit. How do your get your seats? There are various ways.

  1. We'll be at Sliders on the day of the game, probably from very early [2-3pm, maybe - haven't worked that out yet] until about fifteen minutes before first pitch, which takes place at 5:10pm. You can just swing by and collect them. There's the Q+A with Josh Byrnes on that day too, if you have registered for that.
  2. Pick them up from me before then. We live in Scottsdale, near the PV Mall, but are also all over the valley. In particular:
         a) Monday nights, we are at The Grand Tavern 2448 W. Grand Avenue [Grand Avenue and the I-17]
         b) Tuesday 29th July and August 12,  we will be at The Sets, 93 E. Southern [Mill and Southern] in Tempe
         c) I work downtown, two blocks East of Chase, so you can swing by and pick them up from me there, Mon-Fri business hours.
    In any of those cases, let me know in advance, or we probably won't have your tickets with us.
  3. We can mail out, upon request [and will be, to Messrs Criscuolo and Morgan], but the postal service is what it is, and I dunno what happens if tickets get lost in the mail.

Please email me, and let me know how you intend to take delivery. Looking forward to it: should be a lot of fun!