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Random Off-Day Thread

No game for Arizona today, so here's the usual "chat about anything you want" thread for the day. Heard any good trade rumors? Think we'll make a move before the deadline? Want to predict how we'll do against the Giants and Padres? Here are the matchups

Fri: Dan Haren, RHP (9-5, 2.58) vs Jonathan Sanchez, LHP (8-5, 4.10)
Sat: Brandon Webb, RHP (13-4, 3.11) vs Tim Lincecum, RHP (11-3, 2.79)
Sun: Randy Johnson, LHP (7-7, 4.89) vs Barry Zito, LHP (5-12, 5.56)

Mon: Yusmeiro Petit, RHP (1-1, 2.78) vs Greg Maddux, RHP (3-8, 4.18)
Tue: Doug Davis LHP (3-5, 4.22) vs. Clay Hensley, RHP (1-0, 0.00)
Wed: Dan Haren, RHP (9-5, 2.58) vs. Cha Seung Baek, RHP (2-5, 4.94)

In non-baseball related news, the American Idol people are holding auditions tomorrow in Phoenix. Reality TV: televisual treat, or instrument of Satan? Or buth? Even if you hate the genre, are there any reality shows you find a guilty pleasure?

Or, whatever...