Mark Teixeira trade rumors

[Moved to front page and refreshed, since the trade talks appear to be coming to the boil.]

Browsing the baseball globe today the Diamondbacks have been linked by both Fox and ESPN to signing Braves First Baseman Mark Teixeira. Fox's Ken Rosenthal in particular discusses the prospect.  linky

Whilst it's been made clear in many places that the deal is unlikely would you be in favour of the move under the right circumstances?

If Rosenthal is to be believed the Braves want CoJack as part of the deal and I know I'm stating the obvious but for me that just makes absolutly no sense. CoJack now has value at both LF and 1B and is tearing up pitching recently helping spark the offence. Also worth noting his defence in left has been more then adequete and his speed has also increased making him at least a nuissance in the eyes of pitchers.

Personally I'd love Tex and I don't think it would be too damaging to commit the roughly $5 million he is owed for the rest of the season, especially considering we would get 2 draft picks when he presumably leaves for free agency.

So really I just thought I'd open it up to what sort of package you'd think it would take to get him over here (if you want him at all) With Rauch added to the bullpen we could presumably move one of our bullpen arms but I'd like to think the Braves would be tempted by dangling Doug Davis or even Micah Owings plus a prospect. With Smoltz not certain to return to the rotation and Glavine likely to retire they Braves have a need for starting pitching and with the Petit and Scherzer showing themselves as capable arms I think we could absorb the loss of either Davis or Owings/Petit.

Bottom line though is I think with the addition of Clark the D-Backs ruled this one right out and barring an injury to Clark or Tracy I don't see it happening