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Gameday Thread, #101: 7/23 vs. Cubs


Ted Lilly
LHP, 9-6, 4.49


Doug Davis
LHP, 3-4, 4.14 preview [opens in new window]

Some things never lose their comedic appeal. The Parrot Sketch is as fresh now as it was thirty years ago; Who's on First? is still comedy gold. And does any baseball fan - well, any fan whose team has won a World Series in the past 99 years - ever tire of seeing this?

No matter what may happen in the rest of Lilly's career - and he has actually been pretty good against Arizona - he will forever be remembered as a petulant Little Leaguer, throwing a temper tantrum. Wah! Wah! It just never fails to amuse.

Snark aside, Lilly actually did pretty well facing us last time [when I am pretty sure we posted the same pic] - he allowed one run in seven innings of work, and got the win. Not much track record against him for most of the team - Burke and Clark are the only ones with more than six at-bats. Clark will, I assume, get the start at first since it's a left-handed pitcher, even if his OBP against Lilly is a poor .238 [5-for-21, with no walks]. The most recent of those was back in 2004, however.

Doug Davis goes for Arizona, and we need a much better showing than we got last time out, where he lasted only three innings, though escaped with a no decision. We need him to go back to giving us quality starts, though the task is likely going to be made more difficult, with the scheduled return of Alfonso Soriano, who is only hitting .377/.403/.787 against lefties this year. That will be an undeniable boost to an offense batting .212 with an OPS of .610 in the five games since the break. More of that would be fine: the series is already in the bag, and we have another chance to put together our best winning streak in more than two months. That would be "three."

If Al can call Chase "Bank Holding Company Field", then I think we need to come up with an alternative name for Wrigley. That's especially since the naming rights will likely soon be sold - and wouldn't it be funny if they were bought by a bank? So, how should we start referring to Wrigley?
Futility Field
The House That Bartman Built
Wanna Buy The Team? Park
Century of Suckitude Stadium.
Where Pennant Hopes Go to Die
This Space for Rent Field
The Theater oif Screams

Anyone got any more? And I have little doubt Al and his members will be able to come up with some more of their own for Chase!

Getting this one up very early - the Dodgers-Rockies game is already under way, since we'll be following that here as well. Colorado are 5-3 up in the fifth, so we hope for that to continue. I was actually offered tickets to this evening's game, but had to decline - I really need to get caught up at home tonight! Should be about to comment though, and hang out in the SnakePit Chatroom too.