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Gameday Thread, #100: 7/22 vs. Cubs


Jason Marquis
RHP, 6-5, 4.44


Yusmeiro Petit
RHP, 0-1, 3.06 preview [opens in new window]

Huge win yesterday, as our number four starter shut out the Cubs, and combined with a converted starter and previously-wobbly reliever on a two-hitter. As measured by Game Score, Johnson's six innings of one-hit ball against Colorado, back in May 2007 passed it during his second term here. Curiously, over the four games since the All-Star break, we appear to have slid through a black hole and entered Bizarro World: we lose when we score four runs or more, and win only if we score three runs or less.

Today. we send the Petit Unit to the mound instead, with the decision that he will be replacing Micah Owings for today's start. Pwnings pitched yesterday in relief - though it seemed odd to burn him there [even pinch-hitting for him with Tony Clark] for one inning of work. One wonders if this is intended to be a semi-permanent move: Petit's only previous start also came as a spot one, in place of Owings, and he pitched very well, allowing one run in six innings against the Brewers.

Marquis is pitching on very long rest again - it's been eleven days since his last appearance, which came ten days after the one preceding that. It didn't seem to affect him last time, as he pitched seven shutout innings against the Giants. He faced us twice in 2007, getting one win and one loss, though the only D-backs with 10+ PA's against him haven't done too well. Tracy is 1-for-14, Hudson 1-for-10 and Burke 5-for-28. Chris Young, however, is 3-for-6 with three homers.

Somewhat prodded by the monumental off-topicness of recent Gameday Threads, we have introduced the SnakePit Chatroom, [no password needed] which will be running in parallel with the Thread. The aim it to offer a more "random" forum for the chit-chat, but it is not intended to divert people from the threads here [and if that ends up happening, we'll pursue another route]. There won't be any particularly enforcement, but threads that drift too far from the game will be gently shepherded towards the chat room, where they can continue unfettered.

'Skins and 'Charmer will be about tonight, so hit them up with any questions. I won't be here, as we are off to see Eddie Izzard at the Orpheum Theater. I will therefore be relying on the thread for insightful commentary, beyond the box-score, which I can steal incorporate into the postgame recap. Let's hope Petit can be as effective as Johnson, and we can proceed to take the series, setting up a potential sweep tomorrow. That would be very nice.