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All-Star + Random Off-day Gameday Thread

The showcase event visits the House That Ruth Built for the final time, and we'll see if the National League can break the lengthy streak of American League victories and claim home advantage in the World Series. The game might be hard pushed to provide more startling a spectacle than Josh Hamilton's first-round performance in the Home Run Derby, which included 13 straight homers - more than anyone else managed with ten outs. It's funny to think he has gone through so many organizations - for well-documented reasons - and is now hearing the crowd chant his name at Yankee Stadium.

Other potential topics to discuss for the rest of the day:
   How we feel about the ex-Dbacks playing in the game
   Are you going to see The Dark Knight this weekend
   USA Today lists its veterans they want to see in one more AS Game, including the Big Unit. Anyone you'd add to the list?
   Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman Break-Up. Is it because of Matt Damon? [Link NSFW]
   Or, of course, anything else!