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Gameday Thread, #95: 8/13 vs. Phillies


Brandon Webb
RHP, 13-4, 3.27


Cole Hamels
LHP, 9-6, 3.18 preview [opens in new window]

Should be a good pitching match-up today: Webb has more wins than anyone in the National league, but Hamels has a slightly better ERA, and his WHIP trails only Dan Haren, so I think base-runners may be at a premium for us. It'll be a good test of our offense, who are apparently feeling slightly better: they did a tap-dance number, in hobnailed boots, on Adam Eaton yesterday, so they now get to step up and face a better quality of pitcher in Hamels. It's kinda like the boss level in a video game: we took out Glass Joe, now it's time to face Bald Bull [ah, Punch-Out! There was an arcade classic...]

A fair bit at stake here: a series win against the leaders of the NL East, on the road, would be a great way to finish the first-half, and it would also be nice to go into the break above .500, rather than below it. The Dodgers lost in extra innings to the Marlins last night, so that puts them two back, and guarantees we will have sole possession of first-place until play restarts for us next Friday. Thanks to a quirk of the schedule giving us an extra day off, that contest will also feature Webb as our starter. It's not often you get to have back-to-back games from your ace, and we should take advantage. Here's to a win in the first of the "Webb double-header".

Not sure how much I will actively be about - this preview is brought to you, courtesy of the 'Schedule for Publish' button! It's a 10:35am start, and Sunday mornings are usually reserved for slothful slumpage. Though the game may well drift across our retinas, if the eyelids are open...