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Gameday Thread, #93: 7/11 vs. Phillies


Doug Davis
LHP, 3-4, 3.74


Kyle Kendrick
RHP, 8-3, 4.39 preview [opens in new window]

On to Philadelphia, and we certainly expect run-scoring should be a bit easier. We face the leaders of the NL East, though they have struggled of late - over the past twenty games, their record is exactly the same as Arizona's, at 8-12. They did take two of three from St. Louis, but scored a total of just eight runs, and over the seven games in this homestand so far, have only 26 runs in their tally. That said, it's still going to be tough for the D-backs.

Davis continues to be a solid #3 in the rotation - and like most of our starters, has been delivering quality outings, without necessarily getting much in the way of a W-L record as a result. He has one victory in the last seven appearances, despite an ERA of 3.32 over this time, including five quality starts. The lack of run support is definitely a factor there. We'll be without Justin Upton again, who is on the not-quite-Disabled List, and in all probability won't be seen again this side of the All-Star break.

Another 4pm-ish start, and I'll not be about much for this; after work, we're heading over to the Dodge Theater for the Hippie Fest, which includes such 60's icons as Eric Burdon and the Animals, The Turtles, etc. Hence, I'm wearing a groovy tie-dye shirt to work today, which provoked a few comments, shall we say. Believe Azreous is scheduled to be on the recap this evening; failing that, I'll get it taken care of myself tomorrow morning.