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Gameday Thread, #84: 8/1 vs. Brewers


Jeff Suppan
RHP, 4-6, 4.05


Randy Johnson
LHP, 4-6, 4.94 preview [opens in new window]

Executive decision. The planned non-game Gameday Thread has been postponed until tomorrow. We've got IZW tonight and I completely forgot the laptop, so I won't be able to police it and make sure no-one mentions the baseball. We will therefore hold it over, for Micah or the Petit Unit tomorrow, and tonight's thread will be a normal one - albeit likely just as random. I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. Continue to submit topics for discussion in the comments tonight: I'll come up with a list and will then throw them into tomorrow's thread as the need arises.

Still waiting for any word on what roster moves will be made. Someone will need to be brought up to replace Byrnes, but if Owings can't go tomorrow, they might add an extra pitcher for a few days instead, with Petit taking Owings' start. Snyder should be fine, I think, despite his "contusion" - accompanied by some swelling, apparently, though in his shoes, swelling would be the last thing on my mind. Montero usually catches Johnson's starts, so Chris will get likely the night off anyway, so can spend the night applying soothing lotion. :-)

Despite - or perhaps because of - last night's decent showing, runs might be hard to come by. Since April 26, Arizona have scored more than four runs on fourteen occasions. However, in the fourteen games immediately following those, we have averaged only 2.5 runs, and never scored more than four. Be nice if that streak of consistent inconsistency - as it were - came to an end tonight.