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Gameday Thread, #64: 6/9 vs. Pirates


Randy Johnson
LHP, 4-2, 3.88


Zach Duke
LHP, 3-4, 4.19 preview [opens in new window]

Good morning, folks! I trust you slept well and are, like me, up bright and early, ready to cheer on our Diamondbacks to another victory. And, unlike yesterday, this thread is being brought to you live and direct - largely because I forgot to get it done last night. So I have given up twenty minutes when I should be clinging to the last fronds of warm fluffiness in bed, in order to bring this to you. I trust you appreciate the sacrifice.

Final leg of the Pittsburgh series, and while the sweep is no longer possible, we can still take three of four if we win this morning. Johnson has been reliable of late, giving us four quality starts in a row, with an ERA barely over two (2.05) in those games, and a K:BB ratio of 32:4. On the other hand, the number of earned runs allowed has been 0, 1, 2 and 3, which suggests today should see four - and the way the offense has been hitting, that will probably be enough to give the Pirates victory.

Still, we can't be stuck below eight hits forever (can we?). And since we've got to break out some day, why not this morning? Hoist a frothy, highly-caffeinated beverage to our D-backs, and let's get a win for breakfast.