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Gameday Thread, #61: 6/6 vs. Pirates


Brandon Webb
RHP, 10-2, 2.69


Ian Snell
RHP, 2-5, 5.94 preview [opens in new window]

Hey, we didn't lose yesterday! How cool is that? Of course, we didn't actually play yesterday, but why quibble over trivial details. Dodgers still lost, of course, so we're four games ahead - that's a game further than we were a month ago. Our unstoppable roll towards the NL West title continues! Though at current rate, we will likely end up making the 2005 Padres - who were below .500 into the final week, and still won the division by five games - look like the 2001 Mariners.

Still, the rest of the season starts here, and I do feel fairly optimistic. We have the front of our rotation to look forward to, and we play four games against a sub-.500 team - we are 25-12 against teams with a losing record (compared to 7-16 against winners, the worst record in the National League). However, we are also a) on the road, and b) outside of our division. This does not augur well for the series. All told, I would be very happy to take three of four: a good outing from Webb today will go a long way towards that goal. Snell hasn't been up to much this year, and I'm hoping it'll help get the offense back on track.