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Random Offday Thread: Draft Edition

No game for Arizona today, so here's a random invitation to discuss whatever you want. Seemed to work out quite well last time we had one of these, so let's run the idea out there once again. By chance, it's also draft day, so we'll be holding our breath to see who Arizona picks with the, er, 26th choice this time round. Say what you like about losing 111 games, it certainly made the following draft a lot less yawn-inducing... However, you might want to keep an eye on Major League Report, who will be live-blogging the event as it happens.

Oddly, discovered on Tuesday that one of our former Impact Zone Wrestling guys, who was at the show as a spectator, was the 19th round pick for the Detroit Tigers in the 1996 draft. Never made it past High-A, but strange how these things work out. If you don't feel like discussing the draft, an alternative topic would be how to fix the offense and get it firing like it was in April. is this just an extended spell of bad luck? Or was the first month nothing but massive over-achievement? What's Kevin Seitzer doing these days? Or you can discuss more pleasant topics. Is the Indiana Jones movie worth seeing? Or whatever...