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Gameday Thread, #60: 6/4 vs. Brewers


Micah Owings
RHP, 6-3, 4.17


Manny Parra
LHP, 3-2, 4.72 preview [opens in new window]

Another day, another game with a second-half lead blown. It was the usual story: a quality start,. a woeful lack of offense. 3.2 runs per game in the last nine, and the rule since May 13 continues to prevail. Score three runs or less, and we're 0-11; score any more and we're 9-1. Is four runs really too much to ask us to score more than once per week?

Enough said. Early start today: 11 am Arizona time. My presence will be limited for work-related reasons, but a small Yahoo window may be located towards the bottom-left corner of my screen.