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Gameday Thread, #59: 6/3 vs. Brewers


Randy Johnson
LHP, 4-1, 3.83


Seth McClung
RHP, 2-2, 4.80 preview [opens in new window]

Okay; can we perhaps stop handing victories over like Willie Wonka passing out candy on Halloween? KTHXBAI. Last night was the latest in a long line of games which we should have won. As mentioned elsewhere, we have already lost seven this year when leading after six innings: we only dropped one more than that during all of last season.

Today, we have the Big Unit, and we should quickly see him get the single strikeout necessary to overtake Roger Clemens and take sole possession of #2 on the all-time K list. That'll be nice, but Randy would, I imagine, prefer to get the W today. That's especially the case after his last couple of starts where he has allowed three runs in 13 innings, with 19 strikeouts and only two walks...but got tagged with a no-decision in both games.

McClung has restricted hitters to a .241 average, but he is wild - their OBP shoots all the way up to .346, a result of 19 walks in 30 innings. Over the past eight games, we've been averaging just three free-passes, compared to eight strikeouts, so today might be a good time to narrow that differential. Mind you, since May 16th, we've also been averaging under seven hits per game, and that's something which certainly needs to improve as well.

I'll be at The Sets for IZW after leaving work, but the good news is, wi-fi connectivity is now back in full effect there, so I may be able to lob in a few comments later on as well. A win would be nice. Sound, fundamental baseball might be nicer still.