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Gameday Thread, #80: 6/27 vs. Marlins


Micah Owings
RHP, 6-6, 5.11


Ricky Nolasco
RHP, 7-4, 4.31 preview [opens in new window]


Just twelve wins in the thirty-five games since we last arrived in Florida on May 20th. The sweep endured then at the hands of the Marlins was perhaps the starting point of the plummet. Is it perhaps possible that a return to the scene of the crime can mark a turnaround? We will need to ask the offense about that: over that time, we have hit a dreadful .217 and scored less than 3.4 runs per game.

We send out the same three pitchers up there as last time: Owings, Webb and Haren. They didn't play all that badly - ten earned runs in 19.1 innings combined - but all three men ended up with the losses. That's because the Diamondbacks scored a total of three times over the three games, hitting .179 - 17-for-95. The finale was our first [and only, until Wednesday] shutout of the year, and today's starter, Nolasco, pitched seven innings of three-hit ball against us the day before that. If it ain't gonna be fun, at least we can't do any worse than we did last time we came to Florida...