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Random Offday Thread

No game for the Diamondbacks today - hey, at least they can't lose! They'll be getting ready for another series in Florida, and let's hope it goes better than the last one did. It's just the vagaries of the schedule which mean we have to play the Marlins twice on their home-turf: the same thing happened last year, except against Pittsburgh. I think we probably noticed less because we won the first series: this time, having been swept in Florida, the reaction is more, "Oh, no - not again."

Anyway, we will be taking advantage of the break and going down to the Tempe Improv this evening, as SnakePit Jr. is appearing there. Okay, it's really more of a happy coincidence this is occurring on an off-day, but the way we've been playing of late, anything that doesn't involve watching our offense seems like a pretty good idea to me. As usual, here is a random avenue for discussion of whatever subject we feel like we want to cover. Here are three potential topic-starters:

  1. My favorite five films are...
  2. Hey, look at this cool/weird/funny video I found on YouTube!
  3. Trade scenarios for the D-backs. Who do we go for, and what do we offer?

Have fun!