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Gameday Thread, #78: 6/24 vs. Red Sox


Doug Davis
LHP, 2-3, 3.65


Justin Masterson
RHP, 4-1, 3.00 preview [opens in new window]

No chance for Arizona, once again today. I mean, we send to the mound a guy who is recovering from cancer, while our hitters have to face somebody they've never seen before, who has allowed one earned run in half of his major-league starts. What hope do we have here? Yes: welcome to Unbridled Pessimism Day at AZ SnakePit. Come on in: they dumped a bucket of hungry piranhas into the pool at Chase, the hemlock-flavored KoolAid is on ice, and we are ready to contemplate the words of Aristotle: "To perceive is to suffer."

Davis has been brilliant in his last two outings, allowing one run in 13 innings, with 15 strikeouts: about time for the wheels to fall off then and, of course, he didn't get the win in either start. That's because our offense continues to suck, having scored three runs or less in nine of the past ten games, and fifteen of the last twenty. The return of Byrnes went about as well as expected yesterday, and we were extremely fortunate the Red Sox were without a first-baseman for Snyder's seventh-inning grounder. Unless we get the rest of the Boston players to throw baseballs into each others' faces, we'll be taking the L train out of Fenway before the night is done.

Life. Don't talk to me about life...