The Defecting Red Sox Fan


Interesting piece by Randy on Over the Monster, in which he discusses his dislike of the bandwagoning Red Sox fans. "I would predict that the majority of "fans" that enter Fenway Park on a daily basis really can't be considered "fans" at all. They're the people with the money, the connections and the attitude of, "hey, maybe I'll attend the Boston Sox game at Fenway Stadium today." I'm not saying there is no place for these type of "fans," but there's just too many of them. There were none of them in 2004 until the World Series trophy came home. Now there are millions of them everywhere. Why? They cling to success. The Red Sox are the popular and "cool" thing in New England; who doesn't want to be apart of the cool crowd? Personally, I hate talking Red Sox or baseball with people that really don't know anything about the Sox or baseball. I can pick a poser fan out of a lineup nine times out of 10. When a poser fan asks my thoughts, I have a standard answer that doesn't divulge any detail of my thoughts because I know they won't understand."