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Diamondbacks 2, Twins 7: The E-Backs Strike Back

Who you calling scruffy looking?

And scruffy the Diamondbacks looked tonight, every inch the half-witted nerf herder.  It took only one inning for the Twins to do their damage, but it was more than enough.  Six runs were scored in the bottom of the third, with assistance of some dodgy plays by Mark Reynolds and Miguel Montero.  It all started with a Reynold’s throw that tagged Delmon Young like he was trying out for a local YMCA dodge ball team, with a curious scoring of an infield hit.  Brendan Harris doubled, and then both were scored by Mat Macri’s single.

The fun for the Twins wouldn’t end there, as Alexi Casilla reached on a bunt and Macri advanced to third after Montero attempted to airmail his throw to right field.  Mauer hits a sacrifice  fly, making the game three to nil with Casilla on second.  Mourneau added to the deficit with a single, scoring his comrade Cosilla. With Mourneau standing on second after advancing with a throw to the plate, Craig Monroe stepped up to take his turn.  One quick crack of the bat, and the leather ball was hurtling deep into center field.  Home run, Twins 6, Diamondbacks 0.

In the subsequent inning the Twins tacked on with Brendon Harris off a Carlos Gomez double.  This would be all the Twins would get, but it would prove to be more than enough off another listless night for the Diamondbacks’ offense.

Arizona would end up with eight hits, only two less than Minnesota, but the visitor’s attempts would be scattered throughout the game with no sense of rhythm.  The first real threat would be in the top of the second off a Chris Young double.  Montero would strikeout, however, and Upton would join him back in the dugout after a fly out that advanced Young to third.  Salazar dug in, and scrapped out a walk, but the opportunity was wasted with a Drew weak pop out just beyond the grass lip between first and second.

The Diamondbacks would get a run in the top of the sixth with Mark Reynold’s sixteenth home run of the year to left field.  Of course, his teammates couldn’t be bothered to join in the festivities, instead sitting down meekly with a groundout, fly out, and strikeout.

No other D’back would reach base until the top of the eighth, game nearly in hand for the home team, when Hudson ran out an infield single.  He then advanced to second off a Twin throwing error, who must have drank the same flavor of Kool-Aid before the game.  He would get a chance to click cleats with the home plate after being advanced to third by Tracy and then home by Reynold’s groundout, making the game 7-2.

Although the game ended poorly for the Diamondbacks, Randy Johnson did go the distance, saving a bullpen that most likely will be need in the coming days.  One can’t help but think back to the Maddux debacle earlier in the year when he allowed six runs in the first to the then charging Diamondbacks, and then completed the game to save his poor battle tested relief corps.


Emperor of His Domain: Chris Young 4.7%

God Emperor of Suck: Randy Johnson 29.2%  

Oh, you want to know who was maeking poast tonight, hmmm?  Well, we have DbacksSkins, me, kishi, hotclaws, emilylovesthedbacks, Jim, DiamondbacksWIn, Elway4Prez, 4 Corners Fan, TwinnerA, unnamedDBacksfan, luckycc, Muu, snakecharmer, dahlian, SongBird, srdmad, Wimb, Red Reign, and Diamondhacks.

Needless to say this one was largely over by the end of the third inning and the Game Thread reflected this, with conversation drifting to movies, pizza toppings, what my children will look like, and the most important of events: free Jack in the Box tacos. 

At the end of the game, I asked for movie recommendations before I went off to my local, and terribly stocked, video store.  The promise was the winner would receive an ice cream sammich at SnakepitFest later this year, and though all the entries were solid and things I definitely will check out soon, there can be only one winner: Jim.  I narrowed down everyone's picks to one each, dependent on what was available to rent, and then called my wife and had her blind pick the winner.  So tonight, after Ghostbusters will be The Nest.

For the other contestants, well, thanks for playing, and maybe we'll play this again sometime in the next month to give other people a chance at other wonderful prizes.

Tomorrow the game is at 7:10 EST, so don't be L7 and get caught somewhere else.