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Gameday Thread, #58: 6/2 vs. Brewers


Doug Davis
LHP, 2-2, 4.57


Jeff Suppan
RHP, 3-4, 3.93 preview [opens in new window]

We probably didn't want to be facing Suppan in Milwaukee: there, he has an ERA of 0.93 in four starts, having allowed just three earned runs in twenty-nine innings. In contrast, on the road, he has an ERA of 6.27 in seven games. Fortunately, Davis is the complete opposite, with a home/road split of 6.55/2.53, and most of his best starts coming away from Chase. This will be something of a return home for Davis, of course, since he pitched for the Brewers between 2003 and 2006. Given the above figures, let's hope he doesn't feel too at home...

Remember the golden, halcyon days when we pounded out double-digit hits more often than not? Because our batters apparently don't: we've managed it just once in the last sixteen games. Nice though the season-high eight homers in the Nationals series was [we had against Atlanta too, but that was a four-game set], I'm not sure I'd not rather have had 16 more doubles. Or 32 singles. Still, there are signs that some hitters were coming around: if we can get our big bats working consistently, that will be a great help in this difficult road-trip.