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Gameday Thread, #70: 6/15 vs. Royals


Gil Meche
RHP, 3-8, 5.25


Micah Owings
RHP, 6-4, 4.72 preview [opens in new window]

Afternoon, folks. Sorry this one is a little late: spent the morning filtering through submissions for our Phoenix Fear Film Festival, which is happening in August. Should be fun. :-) I'm hoping that's the only horror we will get to see today, because yesterday's game should have been rated NC-17: No Chance for us, and 17 hits for the Royals. Here's to better things this afternoon, and Meche has proved eminently hittable. Somehow, despite being outscored 12-4 thus far, we can take the series with a win this afternoon. Dodgers are looking good for another loss [five runs down with only six outs left], and the Padres have already been defeated, so we have another chance to extend our lead.

Though at least being so late, means I get a chance to use the lineup widget! Here are today's teams:


Kansas City Royals @ Arizona Diamondbacks

06/15/08 4:10 PM EDT

Kansas City Royals Arizona Diamondbacks

David DeJesus - CF

Stephen Drew - SS

Mike Aviles - SS

Justin Upton - RF

Alex Gordon - 3B

Orlando Hudson - 2B

Jose Guillen - LF

Conor Jackson - 1B

Mark Grudzielanek - 2B

Mark Reynolds - 3B

Mark Teahen - RF

Chris Young - CF

John Buck - C

Jeff Salazar - LF

Ross Gload - 1B

Chris Snyder - C

Gil Meche - P

Micah Owings - P

Upton promoted to the two-spot, presumably because he's been getting on base a fair bit, even without the walks. Young is dropped back into the six-hole. Actually, I quite like the look of this lineup; whether it will hit or not, remains the key question. Should be about, albeit a little late, as we still have one film to watch: Black Devil Doll. Those intrigued by that title can find out more here: NSFW, fairly obviously. In fact, NSF just about anywhere. Really. I'm not kidding: you have been warned. It looks utterly tasteless and offensive on just about every level. So we're looking forward to that, needless to say. :-) Should be back in time for comments later...