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Gameday Thread, #68: 6/13 vs. Royals


Zach Greinke
RHP, 5-4, 3.77


Doug Davis
LHP, 2-3, 4.88 preview [opens in new window]

Back home, after the stirring comebacks in New York, where the hitters were in May form through the front four innings [one run scored in total], but went back to April form thereafter [16 runs from the fifth inning on]. Be nice if they could show up early too. The Royals have the worst offense in the American League, averaging only 3.8 runs per game, and that's why they are on pace for a 63-99 season, and the Mariners are the only team with a worse record.

However, they are facing the soft backend of our rotation - no Webb, no Haren for them - and Greinke is by no means bad, being their only starter who doesn't have a losing record. His last couple of starts though...ick. Fifteen hits, six walks and twelve earned runs in eleven innings. He faced Arizona once and it was the worst performance ever by an opposing starter: 15 hits and 11 earned runs in 4.1 innings [he's the only starter to play us and get a negative Game Score]. That might inspire a heckle or two tonight, even if this was back in 2005, and the only current D-backs surviving from that game are Chad Tracy and Edgar Gonzalez.

We certainly would like Doug Davis to give us six or more innings tonight, after the beating our bullpen took over the past couple of extended contests. I know Lyon won't be available (33 pitches last night) and I imagine not Slaten (27) or Gonzalez (29, on top of 33 the game before). Scherzer, Cruz, Qualls and Peña got the afternoon off, and that might be the order of use tonight, from the sixth inning on, if needed. Hopefully, they won't be, and Davis will give the bullpen a chance to recuperate.

Couple of quick points. Will be at the game tonight, with our 'CAR!' sign, which also pays tribute to a member of our community here. I'll say no more than that for the moment. :-) Azreous is on the recap tonight; I'll likely throw in some game notes tomorrow morning. And good luck to Snakecharmer, who is in Atlanta with the San Jose Steamrollers for the Power Soccer Nationals - we covered her team's win at the Regionals back in January. Hopefully, they'll have as much success here.