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Gameday Thread, #65: 6/10 vs. Mets


Micah Owings
RHP, 6-4, 4.50


John Maine
RHP, 6-4, 3.47 preview [opens in new window]

Into Shea we go, and was should be an interesting series. The opener is a Big Apple remake of the game on May 2 in Arizona, where New York came out on top 7-2. Micah got tagged with the loss, and we'll be hoping for better today, especially after his last outing, which saw him tagged for eight hits in three innings. Be nice if he can get a few hits - he has managed just one in the past month, with nine strikeouts in 16 at-bats - but that is really secondary to a quality start.

Anything less, and on current form, our offense will not be going anywhere. This month, we have hit just .208, with particularly poor performances there from Upton (.105), Hudson (.143) and Snyder (.190). All three have had poor BABIP figures, however, so some rebound seem inevitable. But will we ever get more than eight hits in a game again? There was a spell early in the year [April 4-13, to be specific] where we did that nine games in a row - it's been two weeks since the last time we managed it.

With Webb going tomorrow, a victory would set us up in good shape to take the series. We'll see. Oh, and I did a quick Q+A for Take the 7 Train, which can be found here. Will be lurking, then not here, and finally at home and in full effect. Commenting from this end will therefore be sporadic. I'm sure there will be people about though...