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Gameday Thread, #35: 5/8 vs. Phillies


Brett Myers
RHP, 2-2, 4.70


Brandon Webb
RHP, 7-0, 2.49 preview [opens in new window]

It's a curiously sucky schedule: no off-day for the Diamondbacks, and they have to fly off to Chicago after this afternoon's game, for a day game tomorrow, with first pitch at 11:20 am AZ time. The casualty list for us is growing like an old-school slasher flick; another body hit the floor last night with Jackson getting his bell run, and his presence in the line-up for today has got to be considered doubtful.

The good news is, Webb is on the mound for us, and he was won his last nine starts, tying RJ's franchise record, set over 2004-2005. The last longer streak in the majors was Jon Garland's ten, covering his final two in 2004 and his first eight in 2005. Before that, Johan Santana won 12 straight, earlier in 2004. We need the win today, to right the ship after some poorly-played contests earlier in the series. Taking two of four would be acceptable; dropping three, is not the way we want to go into Wrigley.