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Gameday Thread, #33: 5/6 vs. Phillies


Adam Eaton
RHP, 0-0, 4.72


Randy Johnson
LHP, 1-1, 4.79 preview [opens in new window]

From a pitcher making his first career start, to someone making his 561st. Every night, something different, with your 2008 Arizona Diamondbacks. And let's hope that this evening's encounter is very different from everything that unfolded last night at Chase Field. Basically, we couldn't bat, couldn't pitch, couldn't field, and got steamrollered as the Phillies pounded out seventeen hits, a season-high against us.

Overall, we're actually batting .293 on this home-stand, but in the seven games and 239 at-bats so far, Arizona has only four homers in total, so there is a bit of a power outage in the desert. The top three HR men from 2007 that are still here - Byrnes, Reynolds and Young - have all been held inside the park for the past eight games, with only two extra-base hits over that time between them. Time for them to step it up and start producing again.

Unlikely to be about for this one. It's IZW at The Sets, and the venue got sold last week, so I think the wifi got disconnected as a result. I might be able to watch a bit of the game - unless the cable got disconnected too - but will not be doing any commenting. I wouldn't expect too much of a recap afterwards either!