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Gameday Thread, #32: 5/5 vs. Phillies


Jamie Moyer
LHP, 1-2, 4.50


Max Scherzer
RHP, 0-0, 0.00 preview [opens in new window]

Moyer = 556 career starts
Scherzer = 0 career starts

Has there ever been a bigger mismatch in terms of experience? Actually, that's massive hyperbole, since Moyer is actually only fourth on the list for starts by active pitchers, trailing RJ (560), Glavine (674) and Maddux (714). So, Mad Dog's game against Florida yesterday, facing Andrew Miller (20 starts), resulted in considerably more of a gulf. Stlll, let's hope this is an omen for tonight, because there, the veteran got his butt kicked, allowing eleven hits and taking the loss.

Obviously, Scherzer has an awful lot to live up to, having only posted the longest perfect debut by a major-league pitcher, in at least the past fifty years. After that, he can only really go downhill. :-) But I can't recall any debut by a Diamondbacks pitcher which has been so eagerly anticipated. Even when Brandon Webb made his first start, I don't think we expected anywhere near as much. It is likely to be a short-term stint, at least initially, with Doug Davis expected to return, hopefully by the end of the month. But call it a trailer for the 2009 season.

However, a cautionary tale is in order. Remember Johnny Cueto, who made his debut against us in Cincinnati and one-hit us for seven innings with ten strikeouts? Since then, he's 0-3 in five starts, with an ERA of 6.43... [though he's beating the Cubs as I write] One dazzling debut does not a major-league starter make. Temper those expectations: I'd be very happy to settle for Scherzer simply getting the W tonight. But swing by Augie's Army's FanPost and cast your vote for how many K's you think Mad Max will deliver.