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Gameday Thread, #30: 5/3 vs. Mets.


Mike Pelfrey
RHP, 2-1, 4.43


Brandon Webb
RHP, 6-0, 1.98 preview [opens in new window]

After last night's flat and lack-everything performance, we turn to Brandon Webb to right the ship, and shut down the Mets offense, which reached seven runs for only the second time in the past sixteen games. Webb has, of course, been brilliant thus far: he's going for his seventh win, when only two other NL pitchers have passed four. Dugout Central has a nice piece, proclaiming Webb’s Performance Is Historic, saying "If the over under for Cy Young’s in Webb’s career is three, I’m taking the over." He's 6-for-6 in quality starts this year, so we should have no issues there. Keeping Jose Reyes off base will be very helpful.

As noted in the recap from last night, it's the offense which is currently concerning me, with a number of players struggling in the past couple of weeks. Obviously, some cooling-off after the incendiary start is to be expected, but I find myself anxiously scanning the papers for news of Chad Tracy's return, hopefully giving us some options at third that aren't called Chris Burke. Chad is continuing his rehab with Tucson and could possibly rejoin the Diamondbacks in about two weeks, but there have been no updates on that front since the middle of last week.


New York Mets @ Arizona Diamondbacks

05/03/08 3:45 PM EDT

New York Mets Arizona Diamondbacks

Jose Reyes - SS

Chris Young - CF

Ryan Church - RF

Stephen Drew - SS

David Wright - 3B

Eric Byrnes - LF

Carlos Beltran - CF

Conor Jackson - 1B

Carlos Delgado - 1B

Justin Upton - RF

Damion Easley - 2B

Mark Reynolds - 3B

Raul Casanova - C

Augie Ojeda - 2B

Endy Chavez - LF

Chris Snyder - C

Mike Pelfrey - P

Brandon Webb - P

Ojeda gets the start in place of Hudson, who tweaked his hamstring. That frees Drew to be moved up the order, and I also note Upton is hitting ahead of Reynolds. The way those two have been approaching the plate recently, that makes sense. Should be around for most or all of this; I have some light deck-clearing to take care of, but aim to get that finished before first pitch in three-quarters of an hour.