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Gameday Thread, #48: 5/23 vs. Braves


Doug Davis
LHP, 1-1, 3.72


Jo-Jo Reyes
LHP, 2-1, 4.12 preview [opens in new window]

Doug Davis is back! Well, except for his thyroid, which is now lying in a canister marked 'Biohazard' somewhere, I presume. He is immediately faced with a challenge: how to stop a three-game losing streak, when going up against a pitcher who appears to have been named after an anime character. Here's to there being no mojo, Jo-Jo: we could do with some help from Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup on this one. Or, failing that, Reynolds, Byrnes and J-Up. Though we may have lost our lead musician in Brandon Medders, here's what they should be singing in the D-backs locker-room today:

Jo-Jo was a man who thought he was a loner
But he knew it wouldn't last.
Jo-Jo left his home in Covina, California
For some green Atlanta grass.
Get back, get back.
Get back to where you once belonged.