Tucson Sidewinders

Though I'm not sure as to how much people are going to particularly care, tonight I was able to go and watch the Sidewinders up here in rainy Portland. Unfortunately, the Diamondbacks inability to score runs with the bases loaded seemed to follow the team up here tonight, as the Sidewinders loaded the bases in the ninth only to have some guy named Trent Oeltjen ground into a double play to the first baseman (albeit a very close double play, had the first basemen not dove it would have been a sure double.) However, I did get a chance to see a couple of players really shine tonight, as both Tim Raines Jr. and Wilkin Castillo hit a home run a piece and watch D'Antona get a couple of solid base hits. The game itself was exciting, as the Sidewinders were blanked for the first five innings, getting no hit through four by a pitcher with an ERA over 9.00. However, in the top of the sixth down 3-0 the Sidewinders hit the two home runs and pulled ahead 4-3. The bullpen coughed up the lead though and the game ended with the Beavers winning 6-4.

A couple diaries back I recall discussion over D'Antona's defense and I have to say seeing it in person, that he kind of is a brick over at third base. He doesn't seem to move particularly well and when I saw the ball hit over to him I found myself cringing.

Also of note was the Petite units pitching. He got into trouble a lot early, getting behind in the count to almost every batter he faced. Also, I can't recall how fast he pitched when he was up with Arizona but I don't think I saw a ball he pitched top 89 miles per hour. His ending line wasn't horrible with three earned over five innings, but none of the innings seemed to be particularly pretty.

Really, I think I came away from the game how I expected. A little bit disappointed with the current prospects but still excited enough to write a little blurb about them. Also, no Chad Tracey or Trot Nixon sightings. (I'm assuming Chad may be on his way to Atlanta.)