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Gameday Thread, #47: 5/22 vs. Marlins


Dan Haren
RHP, 5-2, 3.14


Andrew Miller
LHP, 3-3, 6.18 preview [opens in new window]

We turn to Dan Haren to act as the stopper this afternoon: we've only had one three-game losing streak this season [the sweep in Chicago], and after the offensive offense we've seen the past couple of days, we really need a W under our belts before we head to Atlanta. Haren has given us four quality starts in a row, but as we've seen already this series - twice - that doesn't guarantee anything.

Miller has been significantly better over his past three starts, pitching 18 innings and allowing only four earned runs, but he's another pitcher against whom we don't have much collective experience. No-one on the roster has ever gone to the plate against him, and it may be purely anecdotal evidence, but this does seem like the kind of pitcher who has given us problems in the past [Johnny Cueto would be Exhibit A in that case].

The matter has been exacerbated ["No, what does exacerbate mean?" "It means um, to make things worse."] by Jackson and Upton joining Reynolds and Byrnes in the suck parade of late. With the help of good pitching, we were able to carry two struggling players, when the rest of the team was hitting well, but there's certain point where that's no longer possible. It's like watching an upside-down pyramid of circus acrobats riding a motorcycle. Eventually, if people keep climbing on board, it's going to end in disaster.

And with that spectacular metaphor, it's time for the show to start. Let's hope we're the ringmasters and not the clowns today.


Arizona Diamondbacks @ Florida Marlins

05/22/08 7:10 PM EDT

Arizona Diamondbacks Florida Marlins

Chris Young - CF

Hanley Ramirez - SS

Stephen Drew - SS

Jeremy Hermida - RF

Orlando Hudson - 2B

Jorge Cantu - 3B

Conor Jackson - 1B

Mike Jacobs - 1B

Justin Upton - RF

Dan Uggla - 2B

Chris Snyder - C

Luis Gonzalez - LF

Chris Burke - LF

Matt Treanor - C

Augie Ojeda - 3B

Alfredo Amezaga - CF

Dan Haren - P

Andrew Miller - P