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Gameday Thread, #46: 5/21 vs. Marlins


Brandon Webb
RHP, 9-0, 2.56


Ricky Nolasco
RHP, 2-3, 5.18 preview [opens in new window]

The Marlins are certainly talking bravely about today's game, with Wes Helms saying, "Webb is definitely off to a hot start, but every pitcher is bound to lose some time." While technically true, nine teams have said much the same thing this year, and all nine have found themselves going down. The current Marlins roster is batting .213 (13-for-63) lifetime against him, with only three RBI - Luis Gonzalez is the only player with double-digit plate-appearances, having gone 4-for-12.

I would have thought Florida, with its humidity, would be great for Webb's sinker, but he has an ERA of 4.91 there; that trails only Citizens' Bank in Phillie [5.09] among the thirteen venues where he has made three or more starts. However, he hasn't pitched there since 2005, and Webb v.2008 is a very, very different - and greatly superior - model to the one from three seasons back. This season, he has been utterly money in the bank, and if our offense, defense and base-running can be better than they were yesterday, I see now reason why it shouldn't be 10-0 for Webb by the end of the day.