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Gameday Thread, #45: 5/20 vs. Marlins


Micah Owings
RHP, 5-1, 3.81


Mark Hendrickson
LHP, 5-2, 3.91 preview [opens in new window]

Off back to the East coast, which makes for early starts until the end of the weekend: 4:10pm Arizona time for the rest of the week. That will severely impact my presence in the threads, since I wouldn't even get home until about the sixth inning, on the nights when I am not otherwise engaged. On the plus side, it should give me a chance - at least, not on said nights - of being able to get everything updated before 1am, which tends to happen rather too often on home-stands and other PST-zone contests.

The Marlins were going pretty well, but the wheels have come off in the past week, getting swept by the Reds and dropping a series against the Royals, to lose five of six overall. We also did pretty well against Florida last season, taking all but one of the seven contests; this year, they are doing better, being four games ahead of their pace at the same point. Dan Uggla [another one we let get away] has had another storming season at the plate, hitting .316 with 13 HR, while his partner on the other side of second-base, Hanley Ramirez is batting .310 and has stolen 13 bases.

Looking at the pitching matchups, I would say we have a slight edge today, and a big edge on Wednesday and Thursday, as we send Webb and Haren out. Two out of three would seem eminently achievable here, and if we can get a victory today, that would seem to give us a good chance at the sweep. Obviously, a loss would put that right out the window. ;-)


Arizona Diamondbacks @ Florida Marlins

05/20/08 7:10 PM EDT

Arizona Diamondbacks Florida Marlins
Chris Young - CF Alfredo Amezaga - CF
Augie Ojeda - SS Jeremy Hermida - RF
Orlando Hudson - 2B Hanley Ramirez - SS
Conor Jackson - 1B Mike Jacobs - 1B
Justin Upton - RF Dan Uggla - 2B
Eric Byrnes - LF Jorge Cantu - 3B
Mark Reynolds - 3B Luis Gonzalez - LF
Chris Snyder - C Matt Treanor - C
Micah Owings - P Mark Hendrickson - P