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Gameday Thread, #44: 5/18 vs. Tigers


Nate Robertson
LHP, 1-4, 6.04


Randy Johnson
LHP, 3-1, 5.40 preview [opens in new window]

Time for the offense to wake up, and start tattooing these Detroit pitchers, like the American League has been doing. Robertson has managed one quality start all season, and our lineup has also tended to enjoy facing left-handed pitching so far. On the other hand, Johnson has only managed one quality start for us either this year; he's been up and down, and also more than a little prone to giving up the long-ball. He tends to either walk people or give up a good number of hits, which is a worrying combination.

I will be around early, but we've got a friend coming over for dinner and web-site advice, so I may not be commenting too much later on. It'd certainly be nice for us to score a good number of runs early on, and push Johnson towards career win #288. After a couple of days off, and with no game tomorrow, we should be able to use A-bullpen members like Lyon and Qualls once again: Cruz and Medders may not be available.