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Gameday Thread, #40: 5/14 vs. Rockies


Jorge de la Rosa
LHP, 1-1, 10.24


Micah Owings
RHP, 4-1, 4.33 preview [opens in new window]

De La Rosa used to be a Diamondback, y'know - albeit one who never actually pulled on our jersey. He arrived on November 28, 2003, part of the haul received from Boston in exchange for Curt Schilling. And he left us three days later, on his way to Milwaukee in the Richie Sexson trade. Jorge De La Rosa: we hardly knew ye. He went from the Brewers through the Royals to the Rockies, though his two starts for them this year were okay and spectacularly awful. Word is that Francis was tipping his pitches last night: can we hope De La Rosa is kind enough to do the same?

Micah Owings came back from a couple of wobbly outings to tie a season-high in his last start, with seven innings. However, he ended with a no-decision, as the bullpen coughed it up after he left the game. Pwnings deserved better, and hopefully can get his jut reward tonight. As ever though, his pitching will likely be at least partly over-shadowed by his at-bats: with a batting line this year of .417/.481/.625, there's some reason for that. Also of interest will be to see what kind of reaction Byrnes gets, as his failure to get Upton in from third last night provoked some critical reaction, shall we say, from the crowd. A minor blip in the fanbase's love-affair with EB? Or the beginning of the end? His at-bats tonight will likely help decide.

Back at The Sets tonight, but word is that they have wi-fi there again, so I am going there, armed with a laptop and hope. My keys to the game therefore involve a working Internet connection, some Heineken and smacking about another Rockies pitcher. Here's to getting the series win tonight, and then sending Webb out for the sweep tomorrow.