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Gameday Thread, #39: 5/13 vs. Rockies


Jeff Francis
LHP, 0-3, 5.27


Randy Johnson
LHP, 2-1, 5.06 preview [opens in new window]

Back to the NL West, and I can't say Arizona will be too sorry to see some familiar faces: our record outside the division is a very mediocre 6-10 after the weekend mauling at the hands of the baby bears. What better cure than a visit from the Rockies, whom we've already beaten five times in six attempts, and haven't won a series in their past seven?

As charmer has documented, it looks like we have the starting pitching edge in all three games. Though as we have recently found out, the score when your starter leaves the game, is not necessarily the result at the end of the game. It's simultaneously comforting and annoying to think that we should have come out of Chicago with two wins, rather than none at all. We need to stop the bleeding, and I think two wins here is the least we should be looking for - a sweep, of course, would be even better.

Tonight, it's dueling lefties, Francis vs. Johnson. Francis has been mediocre of late, which is a substantial improvement over his first couple of starts. But he still walks far too many people. Johnson was victimized by the long-ball last time out, but has his moments. If he can avoid walking people, I'll be a lot happier, and the outcome will likely be better. Let's get back on track in this series - and tonight seems like a good place to begin the process.

Young back in the leadoff spot, and Byrnes dropped to #6. I think the message has finally got through. We'll see if the reduced pressure helps Eric get back on track. Interesting to see Drew and Hudson next to each other - perhaps the presence of Montero as a lefty helps alleviate the need to split them up.