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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 1

AZ SnakePit 3, Douchebaggery 6
A number of close categories here: ERA was decided by .12, WHIP by .02 and BA by just .006. Backe (Douche) led all pitchers with ten K's, and team-mate Hall had two homers and 7 RBI. Willingham (Snake) also had two HR, with Nathan picking up three saves.

dbacktom 6, Blonde Streaks 2
Good performances from both sides pitching staff, combining for six wins and ten saves: Rivera (tom) and Jenks (Blonde) had three saves each. Ankiel had three HR and 6 RBI for tom, who also piled up eight stolen bases.

The Fighting Amish 6, Wimboes Barmy Army 3
Amish had the edge in hitting, with Laird and Gordon (2 HR, 6 RBI each) proving decisive. Santana had a win and 11 K's too, but Wimboes took ERA and WHIP behind Hughes and Suppan. Sherrill (Amish) had three saves

Tucson Myth 2, Arizona Muugens 6
Muu piled up seven wins, his sinker duo of Webb and Wang getting two each, and had 44 K's, with Zambrano firing 12. Drew's two homers helped his team there, but Utley had three for Tucson, and scored eight. Muu's ERA was 2.05, but they hit only .188.

7-2 Offsuiters 4, Desert Storm BC 2
Four categories tied here: R, SB, W and SV. Storm had the hitting edge, Grudzielanek, Dye and C.Jones hitting over .400, but 7-2 took pitching behind Snell (W + 13 K) and Lowe (2.25 ERA, 10 K). D.Lee's three HR were also valuable for 7-2.

Adriano Rosario's 5, Desert Dingleberries 4
Swisher's five runs gave Rosario a tie there, and that proved the decisive factor. Desert got seven RBI and two SB from McLouth, but Rosario dominated pitching, behind Matsuzaka's W and 15 K's. Wood got three saves for them too.

Crazy VIII's 4, Ignatius J. Rallies 6
VIII's pitching was excellent, led by Peavy (2 W, 12 K), but a 2.89 ERA still lost, as Rallies got zeroes from Hernandez, Percival and Morales. Young (Rallies) had 3 HR, 7 RBI and 2 SB, and they took all three of those categories.

Kapsaicin Kids 3, GregSchulteOverdrive 7
Greg had no particularly stunning performances, but posted a solid all-round performance: Pierzynzki scored and drove in seven for them, while Cordero had a win and a save. Soria saved three and struck out seven for Kids.

Shenanigans 2.0 3, warlords 4
Possibly the week's closest game, with R, W and SV ending tied, while HR and RBI were decided by one point and ERA by .04. Griffey's five runs and RBIs proved crucial for war, though Shen's Young (W + 11 K) was the best pitcher.

last place 0, SHUperMen    10
last lived up to expectation, putting a lineup out that consisted of one relief pitcher. Ironically, they would actually have taken saves, WHIP and ERA, but for the minimum inning requirement. SHU got a win and 15 K's from Sheets, batting .294

    Team                Record  GB
 1. SHUperMen           10-0-0   -
 2. Arizona Muugens      6-2-2   3
 3. dbacktom             6-2-2   3
 4. GregSchulteOverdrive 7-3-0   3
 5. The Fighting Amish   6-3-1   3.5
 6. Douchebaggery        6-3-1   3.5
 7. Ignatius J. Rallies  6-4-0   4
 8. 7-2 Offsuiters       4-2-4   4
 9. Adriano Rosario's    5-4-1   4.5
10. warlords             4-3-3   4.5
11. Desert Dingleberries 4-5-1   5.5
12. Shenanigans 2.0      3-4-3   5.5
13. Desert Storm BC      2-4-4   6
14. Crazy VIII's         4-6-0   6
15. AZ SnakePit          3-6-1   6.5
16. Wimboes Barmy Army   3-6-1   6.5
17. Tucson Myth          2-6-2   7
18. Blonde Streaks       2-6-2   7
19. Kapsaicin Kids       3-7-0   7
20. last place           0-10-0 10

Week 2 Games
AZ SnakePit vs. dbacktom
Douchebaggery vs. SHUperMen
The Fighting Amish vs. Blonde Streaks
Tucson Myth vs. Wimboes Barmy Army
7-2 Offsuiters vs. Arizona Muugens
Adriano Rosario's vs. Desert Storm BC
Crazy VIII's vs. Desert Dingleberries
Kapsaicin Kids vs. Ignatius J. Rallies
Shenanigans 2.0 vs. GregSchulteOverdrive
last place vs. warlords

The ESPN Game of the Week sees SHUperMen take on Douchebaggery. SHU had an easy win over the passive last place, but will likely find things much harder this week, as Douche are a determined squad with an experienced manager. Sheets had a brilliant week for SHU, with 15.1 scoreless innings; he'll be facing a strong lineup in Douche, led by last year's NL MVP, Prince Fielder.