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Gameday Thread, #28: 4/30 vs. Astros


Shaun Chacon
RHP, 0-0, 2.45


Randy Johnson
LHP, 1-1, 2.70 preview [opens in new window]

Day-game delight! What? Max Scherzer isn't starting today as well? Dammit! Still, we go from a man making his first major-league appearance ever, to a man starting his 560th game, with 3872 innings under his belt. Last outing for Randy was clearly his best yet: six innings, only three hits and one earned run, with seven K's. Velocity and control were both good, and we'll be hoping for more of the same today.

Poor Chacon has been tagged with five straight no-decisions, despite pitching at least six innings each time. His control appears to be a weakness, with 17 walks in only 33 innings, so that may be something of which we can take advantage.


Houston Astros @ Arizona Diamondbacks

04/30/08 3:40 PM EDT

Houston Astros Arizona Diamondbacks

Hunter Pence - RF

Chris Young - CF

Kazuo Matsui - 2B

Eric Byrnes - LF

Miguel Tejada - SS

Orlando Hudson - 2B

Lance Berkman - 1B

Conor Jackson - 1B

Carlos Lee - LF

Justin Upton - RF

Jose Cruz - CF

Stephen Drew - SS

Mark Loretta - 3B

Chris Burke - 3B

Brad Ausmus - C

Miguel Montero - C

Shawn Chacon - P

Randy Johnson - P

Looks like Byrnes is back in the lineup; Montero gets the start behind the plate, and ones has to wonder whether Johnson has something against Chris, because it seems to be a case of "anyone but Snyder" for his starts. Be good to head into the off-day with a win, and extend our streak of series without a loss to nine in a row. Probably won't be about much, due to work, but will hopefully be able to pop in during my lunch-break.