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Gameday Thread, #25: 4/27 vs. Padres


Brandon Webb
RHP, 5-0, 2.31


Jake Peavy
RHP, 3-0, 2.00 preview [opens in new window]

We actually gave serious thought to driving down the coast to San Diego to watch this game today, since it pits the #1 and #2 in last year's Cy Young voting against each other. And the pair have started off this season intent on retaining those positions, with a combined record of 8-0, and a 2.15 ERA. In a pitcher-friendly park [not that you'd really know it from last night...], this one could easily end up being 2-1 or 1-0. Looks like a fabulous match-up, which should be a lot of fun.

It's the final contest of the 22-game consecutive streak against our division rivals. After today, we will only see the NL West for one series in the next month - I think we'll be sorry to see them go, since we've already clinched a magnificent record versus them, with sixteen wins in 21 games. It may not be possible to win a division in April, but we've made on hell of a statement, and the rest of the teams now have to play catch-up from here on.

At time of writing, still awaiting Skins' recap - that's probably my fault, since I got my days mixed up in the comments late last night, so he probably thinks it was no longer assigned to him! So, just to be clear soco will be doing the recap on this afternoon's game. :-) Recent incidents over at GLB add a certain edge to the contest here, so we'll be pulling particularly hard for the win today, though I do not expect it to be easy. As the next time we see San Diego won't be until July 4, it would be particularly sweet to send the Padres off with their tails between their legs, and 8.5 games back.