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Gameday Thread, #20: 4/22 vs.Giants


Barry Zito
RHP, 0-4, 4.50


Brandon Webb
RHP, 4-0, 1.86 preview [opens in new window]

Poor Barry Zito. He's on the worst losing streak of his career, having dropped four in a row. However, the L's probably have less do with Bazza - his ERA over that time is only 4.50 - than the offensive futility of the Giants, who have scored a total of just three runs in those four games. Last time he started, Brandon Webb held his team-mates to just three hits over eight innings of work - and the one run of support that produced was actually an improvement over the zero scored in Zito's first two starts.

Needless to say, our opinion is less sympathetic and more, "Long may that continue." Certainly, the Giants have shown little reason to expect more from them: in the four games against Arizona, San Francisco have ten runs combined - and half of those were unearned. That's on par with an overall number of 3.15 per game; compare and contrast Arizona's average of 6.32. Yes, double that of the Giants.

I got home from the victory last night, courtesy of shoe's ticket, to find another message from someone else who had a spare ticket for the event. Goes to show how much appeal the Giants have. Curiously, although last night's game was the lowest-attended at Chase, it pulled in the best TV audience so far. It got a 6.1 share, which is the kind of rating not seen on FSAZ until into June last season. Will be at the wrestling tonight, so won't be watching this one - even if any more free tickets come my way!

Not sure if I will even be around to keep some kind of order in the comments. :-) That largely depends on whether Mrs. SnakePit remembered to take the laptop. The lineup widget isn't available yet, so you may have to do that manually tonight... Here's to Webb boosting his contract negotiation leverage by going 5-0!