***WIN*** The 2001 World Series on DVD

As mentioned previously, A&E are releasing the full version of The Greatest Story Ever Told - that's the 2001 World Series, of course - on DVD on April 29. The set includes all seven games, in their entirety, totalling eighteen hours, forty-nine minutes of delicious, dynasty-ending delirium in the desert (and the Big Apple). There are also bonus features including the trophy presentation and post-Game 7 interviews with Luis Gonzalez, Mark Grace and Tony Womack.

Really, I think there's probably not a Diamondbacks fan on the planet who doesn't already want a copy of this. For we are talking not just the finest moment in team history, but also talking the second finest moment, because who wouldn't want to relive the 15-2 smacking administered to the Yankees in Game Six? Okay, you've also got the horrors of Kim's two blown saves - the latter of which is the only time a sporting event has made me feel physically nauseous - but that just made the subsequent triumph all the sweeter.

You can buy the 2001 World Series DVD set for $55.96 from A&E, which works out at less than three bucks per hour of magnificent victory over the Evil Empire. However, they have also been kind enough to give us TWO SETS to give away here. After some contemplation, these will be awarded to the posters with the best World Series story - obviously, 2001 will be preferred, but if you're coming late to the D-backs party, we'll take any series. It doesn't have to involve actually attending the game either - I didn't get to any of them, but still have a story to tell. This contest is open to all registered posters, who should simply post their experience as a comment below. The best two stories - in my sole decision - will get the box-sets. Foreign readers can enter, but I might ask them to pay shipping.

Entries close at the end of the month, and I'll announce the winners here shortly thereafter.