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Gameday Thread, #18: 4/20 vs. Padres


Randy Wolf
LHP, 1-0, 1.42


Randy Johnson
RHP, 0-0, 0.00 preview [opens in new window]

Yesterday, there was a sign in the crowd reading. "Our Chris Young is better than your Chris Young". So, today, keep an eye for "Our left-handed starting pitcher called Randy is better than your left-handed starting pitcher called Randy." It should be easy to spot,. since it will need to occupy about three sections at Chase. However, on the basis of their last starts, this one might be closer than you'd think: they combined for no earned runs and only four hits over twelve innings, striking out 16. Wolf - a name that may confuse foulpole! - one-hit the Rockies over seven innings, while Johnson was a victim of poor defense. They gave up three unearned run and, while he left with the lead, another error let the Giants steal the win. On a chilly Pacific night, he got significantly better as the game wore on, so I'm hoping for good things this outing.

You'd think this would make for a low-scoring game today, but I'm not convinced. Thus far, only one of our wins has been by a single run, and we have an ongoing streak of fourteen straight games scoring four or more. That has already shattered the previous franchise best of eleven consecutive contests, done most recently from July 20-31st, 2002 - the best by AZ since then was only eight. Over this time, our collective line is .304/.388/.522, which is a phenomenal - and I admit, unsustainable - level of production. But I wouldn't mind it running for a few more days!

As we entered this streak of 22 straight games facing the NL West, I said it was important to produce a good showing against out divisional rivals. Having gone 12-2 thus far, we have already guaranteed ourselves a winning record with eight games to go . From here on, anything more is gravy, but that's no reason to let up. Sweep the series today, send the Padres 6.5 games back and then take it to the Giants and Dodgers, before finishing up against the Padres again next weekend.