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Gameday Thread, #15: 4/16 vs.Giants


Brandon Webb
RHP, 3-0, 2.14


Barry Zito
LHP, 0-3, 4.50 preview [opens in new window]

Hooray! I now get to drink twice as much! What? That's not the point of reaching twice the legal drinking age? Dammit! So far, it's been very pleasant. Got some lovely gifts from Mrs. SnakePit, including the Blade Runner suitcase, and the book written by Mrs Jose Canseco, enticingly titled Juicy. I think I have enough material to keep us occupied for the next few off-days!

And what nicer present could the Diamondbacks give me, than another victory on the road against a divisional rival? Should be very possible too, with our ace going against the Giants, who have scored only seven runs this series - five of them were a result more of our defensive indifference, than their own abilities. Admittedly, they are throwing their ace at us, but Zito has not exactly been ace-like so far, losing every start. However, he has not been helped by his own defense, five of the thirteen runs he has allowed being unearned.

It's another one in the series of day games, which will please my former colleagues back in the Sceptered Isle! Again, participation will be limited due to wage-slavery for me - since I'm partying tonight, 'Skins is taking over the report, and will undoubtedly produce something more coherent than I intend to be capable of. I'll see you all tomorrow: with apologies to soco, here are my keys to the post-game:

  • Drink heavily

  • Eat large amounts of food, mostly involving melted cheese and/or deep frying

  • Drink heavily

  • Dessert?

  • Call Ralph and Hughie on the big white telephone

  • Unconsciousness